Shaikh Faisal

Shaikh Faisal

CEO & founder, Al-Shaikh Enterprises

Currently employed at Neptune Marketing, Al-Shaikh Enterprises



    Hello ladies and gentlemen, My name is Faisal Shaikh, without having met you in person before, please allow me to introduce myself first. I`m a CEO and founder of Al-Shaikh Enterprises. I started my professional career with just web development, graphics designing and brand identity services in 2006 when I was 14. With the passage of time my experience is increased and I take a bold decision to increase the services, staff, quality and investment. Of course these all things required risks and patients. After that, our second target was to globalize ourselves. After a couple of months we started getting great reputation and our revenue was increasing day by day. That was shocking results for me and my team. After that our company was registered and we started our campaigns with full-fledged form. “Behind every successful man there's a lot of unsuccessful years.” Bob Brown… I love taking risks and big decisions. In my opinion success is not more than taking decisions on the right time and risks make them more powerful sometimes. I tried a lot in my life to get rid of sarcasm of taking risks, now I became successful. In the result of that one decision now we are one of the biggest tax paying companies of Pakistan in IT sector. We have more than 750 major valued clients in 125 cities of 75 countries and providing 225 services across the globe. We have designed our six major departments with dedicated team to serve our customers uniquely and giving them better experience. After joining Al-Shaikh Enterprises there is no need to go anywhere for other services. I have organized more than 25 biggest seminar in whole Pakistan with government professionals and joint ventures with large organization. Currently I'm working with six NGOs on different agendas like education, food, health, shelter in the rural areas of Pakistan. I have 9 government certifications in information technology, web applications, computer languages and business communication, three government level diplomas in marketing, architecture and international relations and get college degree in math, physics and chemistry. I have written more than 2500 articles, 72 guides and 31 documentaries. All are available on my blog: I am involved in managing accounts of organizations and their internal audits, brand launching, training, business consultancy, seminar, workshops and event organizing. Although my profession is information technology. Doing business not only change your lifestyle but it's a great way to increase your circle of communication. I love to get to know new people of different nation with different cultures. I like to learn new languages and doing business with new countries. Currently I have clients in 75 countries. They all are wonderful, loving and caring. My vast circle of friends helped me lot to think out of the box. “I am not happy that I own a firm, but I am who what I dreamed.” Thank you all. I am open to everyone for everything. Please join my group "Business Mind" for daily informative articles, weekly polls, surveys, researches and monthly magazines.


CEO & Founder

At Neptune Marketing

From September 2012 to Present
NeptuneMarketing is a well known brand in international market. It gains shocking number of customers in just few days. NeptuneMarketing is a sister company of Al-Shaikh Enterprises, launched at 13 of September 2012, under the supervision of Mr. Faisal Shaikh (CEO and Founder) Al-Shaikh...
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CEO & Founder

At Al-Shaikh Enterprises

From September 2006 to Present
Dear Sir, We would like to introduce Al-Shaikh Enterprises as a business solutions provider rather it is a consultancy company which provides wide range of services which go beyond your expectations. Now you can introduce your company in a better way and promote in the international market with...
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