Mohammad khan Rajput

Mohammad khan Rajput

Principal, Shaheen Degree College,Chakwal-pakistan.

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    dears, Here is Professor Mohammad Khan and jann Gail, Suzie palmer and Anwar Khan from Islamabad, who are working for the world peace, love and the humanity with humility. Here is Frah Shah with her team to work hard for this forum. regards, yours, khan.waiting!!!!!! peace to all.""




At Shaheen Degree College,Chakwal-pakistan.

From 1988 to 2010
dears, Here is Professor Mohammad khan Hastal who wrote one international book,"The Unfathomable vastness of God". That book is popular in the world,I recieved one cheque from Jann Gail from America who is a great writer, scholar and thinker of her age.She is a great leader of...
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